I live in a family and we have three kids. I have studied psychology, then family therapy at the university and about herbs in the nature. First it was a hobby. After the birth of my first child I started to pay attention to completely new topics, such as healthy way of living, nutrition, gastronomy – it was just one step away from herbalism. I flinged myself into this new, completely unknown, exciting world. We spend most of our weekends in the nature and we always bring the herbarium, basket and fork with us. I love to recognize the herbs I saw only in books before. But the best part is when I manage to prepare something from them. And this is my role at the starter’s training, to teach about processing aromatical and medicinal plants.

God planted our surroundings full of these wonderful, varied plants. Our duty is to notice them. We are able to produce lots of different products for our families of materials present in nature.  Nowadays, when we worry about the quality of food and cosmetics, it is a significant asset. But the real treasure means the joy assured by creativity and the hours spent in nature.


Cseke Árkosi Katalin


Ferencz Lehel


Raphael Stucki