In the period of August-October 2015 more than 200 persons participated at the meetings of the Transylvanian Herb Garden. This fact convinced us that many people are interested in naturopathic medicine (herbalism), spending their time with wildcrafting, i.e. harvesting the “treasure of the nature” on their own.

Within this timeframe the appliers of 7 villages from the neighborhood of Odorhei have formed 7 volunteer groups. The representants of these groups met on the 28th of October 2015 at the seat of Civitas Foundation in order to choose from more than one hundred medicinal plants (identified earlier) those characteristics to their natural surroundings, to be collected and processed during the project. Beside the well-known herbs there were chosen even rare or slighted plants, this way we won an image about the herbal „treasure” of our region.

Crăciunel, Chinușu, Rareș, Ghipeș, Merești
St. John’s Wort, Field Horsetail, Rose Hips, Elder, Wild Oregano

Tăureni, Porumbenii Mari, Mugeni, Mujna
Cornelian cherry, Silverweed, Blackthorn, Shepherd’s Purse, Greater Celandine

Satu Mare, Lăzărești, Târnovița
Yarrow, Common Comfrey, Dead-nettle (White), Alder Buckthorn, Silver Birch

Fântâna Brazilor, Inlăceni, Păuleni, Firtănuș
Bilberry/Cowberry, Hawthorn, Thyme, Small-Leafed Willowherb

Avrămești, Cechești, Rugănești
Cowslip, Common Chicory, Common Agrimony, Ramsons, Ribwort,

Dealu, Sâncrai
Viper’s bugloss, Cleavers, Lime, Common Speedwell, Common Mallow

Zetea, Izvoare, Deșag, Varșag, Cetate
Scots Pine, Centaury, Dandelion,  Raspberry, Lady’s Mantle