Presentation of the project
Beginning with May 2015 Civitas Foundation for Civil Society launched the project titled – Social integration of disadvantaged people in rural areas through sustainable collection and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants. The project is supported by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss contribution to the enlarged European Union.
The objective of the 30-month-project is to help the social integration of disadvantaged people living in rural areas through transferring knowledge regarding collection and processing medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as to strengthen the partnership between Romanian and Swiss ONGs.

Targets of the project are:
• creating ONG- and community networks in order to facilitate and this way socially integrate
• sharing experience and knowledge about wildcrafting and sustainable processing of wild medicinal and aromatic plants
• promoting local economic activities and durable development


Leader of the project
Civitas Foundation for Civil Society, Odorheiu Secuiesc

LIA Foundation, Locodeni, Harghita
Civitas Foundation for Civil Society, Cluj-Napoca
Association for Biodynamic Agriculture from Switzerland

Budget of the Project
Total budget – 253 917,07 CHF
Contribution granted from Switzerland – 228 270,07 CHF
Contribution from beneficiary and partners -25 647,00 CHF


Main Activities
• Project planning and establishing a Steering Committee,
• Project promotion and visibility,
• Identification of the partner communities and creating the local voluntary groups,
• Collection of local information and knowledge and creating a database on it,
• Establishing a competence center with demonstration garden and training unit for processing,
• Training for the 40 multipliers,
• Organizing a site visit for the Swiss partners,
• Organizing an exchange visit to Switzerland,
• Partnership development between the Swiss and Romanian partners,
• Workshop for the creation of a legal structure through the establishment of an association,
• Evaluation and monitoring of the project, preparation and elaboration of the reports.

The calendar of the activities can be accessed here.


During our activity we work together with 25 communities coming from the neighborhood of Odorheiu Secuiesc and Cluj Napoca, where we establish local volunteer groups. The aim of these groups is to explore the local wild medicinal plants.  In these two developing regions we will establish 2 competence centers where the members of volunteer groups will have the possibility to learn about the cultivation, wildcrafting and processing of medicinal plants. The training will be held by Romanian and Swiss trainers. The main objective of the project, besides improving the knowledge regarding gathering and processing medicinal plants – is to offer each participating community access to information regarding extra income opportunities within the domain of processing and distributing products based on medicinal plants.  

Who may participate? How to contact us?
The project was created for people living in rural regions of Odorheiu Secuiesc and Cluj Napoca:
• who prefer wildcrafting and natural healing methods, as well as sharing of knowledge,
• who want to learn more about wildcrafting and processing of medicinal plants,
• who wish to coordinate a volunteer group of wildcrafters of his own region,
• who want to become an entrepreneur within the field of sustainable process of medicinal and aromatic plants,
• socially disadvantaged people from rural regions.


Beside gathering and processing medicinal plants, we also pay special attention to teach methods to the participants in order to help them sell their products based on medicinal plants in the most advantageous way.  
Through selling these self-made products they will be able to complete the income of the family and at the same time to spread the reputation of the region, since every stem and leaf wears the characteristics of the region.
Even if the projects last only 30 months, we have long-term plans: to establish an association dealing with preserving traditions in the field of gathering and processing medicinal plants, in order to present our knowledge and values, and at the same time to share these values with future generations.


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