FERENCZ LEHEL – horticulturist

„Medicine in plants and trees” – says the old and wise saw. In the past people found their medicine in the plants and we still need to look for it, because the aromatical and medicinal plants have a promising future. The harvest and cultivation of herbs meant a challange already in my childhood. Our ancestors and grandparents made instinctly use of medical plants, devising this wonderful knowledge to us. I would like to preserve and pass on this knowledge to future generations. Our herbs to be found in the spontan flora are in the hands of God, and we need to take care of few of them: the cultivated ones.

I research this field since I have graduated the university and I try to teach both adult and children the technology of cultivation of different plants, typical to our region. Within the farme of Rural Development program organized by the Caritas from Alba Iulia, I held several courses and practical trainings. The theory is never enough, it is not the same whether we talk about plantation or we plant a seed and take care on our own of the growing plant…the letter way turns work into vocation. The knowledge given by nature cannot be compared with anything else.

Many fields are engaged with the use of herbs: from the propagation of plants, through the composition of herb gardens to the protection of vegetable gardens through herbs. I would like to open up the eyes, to make people more interested  and encourage them to use our medicinal plants, since: „Healthiness is not everything, but without healthiness everything is nothing” (Schopenhauer)


Cseke Árkosi Katalin


Pakot Magdolna


Raphael Stucki