CSEKE ÁRKOSI KATALIN – agraringenieur

I grew up in a wonderful family with 4 children, in Mihai Viteazu (Cluj county) next to Cheile Turzii, where I learned the basics of gardening and the respect of nature. According to my parents I have spent my childhood in our legendary garden.

I graduated gardening professional school in Turda, then horticultural science at the university of Cluj in 1990. Then we have mooved to Odorheiu Secuiesc, where I work at the Mayor’s office since 1995 and part-time as a teacher.

The love of nature and gardening was always present in my life and I am proud of spending time with plants every day. Plants have a special sense, they feel much more than one could imagine. It must be acknowledged that wild plants are more resistant and independent than their cultivated counterparts. In my garden there are many different sorts of herbs, but many of them cultivated.

It would be easier to plant only a few species, but I love having lots of them around me, I like to combine them, to observe how do they react to each other. It is also about the fact that I love teaching about herbs. I would like to pass on the method of returning to the nature, to the natural intuition, that have been forgotten by humans. The knowledge using the healing force of the nature gives us power, but we need to show dignity and humility against both nature and human beings.


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