On 20-21st March 2017 we organized a workshop in order to develop a strategy for the cooperation between the Swiss and the Romanian organizations.

On behalf of our project partner, the Biodynamic Agricultural Association Susanne Küffer Heer was present and from the Swiss Ekkarthof Association Karl-Heinz Amann.

Besides the organizations involved in the project, representatives of several institutions and organizations from Romania (Hargita County Agricultural Directorate, Odorheiu Secuiesc Mayor’s Office, Forestry Office of Zetea, DJC-Domus Foundation from Cristuru Secuiesc, Miere de Câmpie Agricultural Cooperative, Élő Szövet Foundation, Ribes Association, Wolter Foundation, Szekler Fruit Association, Prodplant Impex Ltd., Csaba Szakács, biodynamic farmer ) have been involved in the elaboration of the strategies for the cooperation. As a result of the meeting the main guidelines of the cooperation were set, a draft of the strategy was drawn up, which will be finalized by the project’s team.