On 13th March 2017 we held a press conference where we presented a 30 min. long documentary film about the activities of the project. The film was made by the staff of the Székelyföldi Studio: Jakab Endre and Fecső Zoltán. The shortmovie presents the most important moments of the project considering the trainings and the knowledge transfer, it shows the beauty of the nature of this region and it reproduces the atmosphere of the main events, such as: the Barock Festival of Bonchida, the Open Day in Locodeni, the Fruit Festival of Odorhei Region and it introduces the people involved in the project. All the opinions lead us to a single conclusion: this initiative of the Civitas Foundation is a very useful one, the Transylvanian Herb Garden has made good progress.

On the DVD, besides the original Hungarian version of the film, there is a Romanian, English and German subtitled version as well, which we are going to give to different educative institutions and NGOs in order to spread the vision which is represented by our Herb Garden.

As Kolumbán Gábor, the president of the Civitas Foundation says in the film ”being preoccupied with medicinal plants can have a mentality changing effect and there is a good chance, that our illness and medicine focused, consumer’s society will turn into a society whose goal is to stay healthy and prevent illnesses by a healthier way of living.”