Pupils in the 5th grade (5A) of Tamási Áron Primary School, led by Barabás Hanga form master, are regularly visiting the Transylvanian Herb Garden.  In May they won an insight into the project during the School Otherwise Program. Within the frame of a workshop they got known some medicinal plants growing in spring and they took a fancy to experience also wildcrafting.

On the 21st of June the pupils arrived to Locodeni ready for the experience: they formed groups and collected information and curiosities about ten wild and cultivated medicinal plants (such as: elderflower, mint, thyme, lavender, St. John’s wort, chicory, wild marjoram, lemon grass, sage, shepherd’s purse). Then, under a large tree in the garden they presented the newly acquired knowledge to the fellow pupils and project leaders. Following the presentation they got familiar with some wild herbs, growing around the village and picked into their baskets mint, yarrow, thyme and St. John’s wort.    .

When the pupils returned to the village, the medicinal plants were spread in the drier in order to use them as tea or for other preparations.

After the successful wildcrafting trip they visited the herb garden where they have seen several cultivated herbs: sage planted in the form of a spiral, sorts of mint and thyme, lemon grass, wild marjoram, but there are other plants such as basil, squash, marigold, sweet-potatoes or milk thistle. They refreshed and completed their knowledge gathered from the internet and literature. For instance it was new information that the houseleek was used in the traditional medicine to remedy earache.

After acquiring new knowledge and practical experience we can say that this visit was a real adventure for both pupils and adults.