On the 25th of June two trainers participating in the project, Raphael Stucki and Jean-Michel Florin, have visited some spots and events in the neighborhood of Odorheiu Secuiesc in order to get known the natural characteristics of the neighborhood, the local groups participating in the project, as well as medicinal plant related initiatives.  First of all they visited the yard of Mrs. Gáspár Hajnal from Zetea where they met some members of the local group. After having checked the products made by local people, such as dried medicinal plants, tinctures and syrups, they took stock of some medicinal plants growing around the village. Later they visited the local products’ market organized in Odorheiu Secuiesc once a month, where they got known the products of local manufacturers and craftsmen. The variety of the products presented on the market has faithfully reflected the ingeniousness of local people and characteristics of the neighborhood, both evaluated very positively by the Swiss visitors, after having tried and bought several products.

In the afternoon our guests participated at the First Lavender Fest from Ceheşti and visited the lavender fields planted by the Moldován-Szeredai couple, which is an outstarter initiative in our neighborhood. During the walk on the lavender fields and while drinking lavender syrup refreshment, the experts gave very useful advices to the owners regarding the cultivation and process of lavender.

The next spot was the herb garden of Mrs. Benedek Enikő pastor in Crăciunel.  After having surveyed the medicinal plants in her garden and talked to group members, the members have shortly presented their local herb products such as: tinctures, soaps, creams/unguents.

Our guests from Switzerland were amazed by the view of the next spot hidden among hills and fruit trees, Chinuşu, where we visited the yard of Mrs. Mózes Enikő. Talking to group members, our guests had the opportunity to see and try some more curiosities, such as: cheese flavored with herbs, homemade yoghurt, gem and syrup.

As the last event of the day, the Swiss experts visited the training centre in Locodeni and have chosen spots in the neighborhood of the village that would be proper for practical activities.

Consequently, this one-day-program offered the possibility to our Swiss guests to gain an insight through direct experience about the possibilities given by our landscapes, the natural values to be found in our neighborhood, as well as about the ingeniousness of local people.