The penultimate training for volunteers within the frame of the project took place on the 22nd of October 2016. Due to the bad weather conditions it was held at the headquarters of Civitas Foundation. The trainer, Mr. Ferenc Lehel horticultural engineer presented very varied topics to his audience. In the first part of the training the participants got known medicinal and aromatic plants to be cultivated in an herb garden or even on larger fields and earned useful knowledge about their cultivation technologies. One part of these plants can be found in the gardens of the participants, so they could share practical knowledge and experience with each other in an interactive way. Later on they participated in a group exercise that required creativity: groups made of 3-4 persons had the task to plan an herb garden using the newly acquired knowledge.  The variety and richness of the gardens planned together, the fruit trees, bushes, diversity of medicinal and aromatic plants blessed the knowledge and wit of the participants. While evaluating the results, the trainer drew the attention of the participants to the main planning and planting point of view, determined not only by esthetical aspect, but the successful cultivation. In the second part of the training the participants learned about weeds growing on herb plantations, as well as about natural protecting methods. At the end of the day the participants considered the presented topics to be very important and they gained lots of new information what they can forward to their group members during the knowledge transmissions.