The birch sap is the juice won from tapping the birch tree. It is also called birch water and can be collected in the first three weeks of spring (after defrost and before the first leaves appear).

The tapping means that one scoops a hollow in the birch bark and sip the juice collected in that or (nowadays through a more up-to-date process) makes a 5-8cm deep hollow, inserts a tube draining out the birch sap. This process does not hurt the three, since only a part of the nutrition comes out and the “wounds” heal automatically.

The birch sap can be consumed fresh as a refreshment or naturally fermented as an alcoolic drink. Sometimes people use it for flavouring wine.

In traditional medicine birch sap is used to treat kidney stones and it is known as a supporter of the diuretic and digestive system. It has an inflammatory, antibacterial and blood purifying effect. It is also good in case of pulmonary diseases, kidney harms, arthritis and rheumatic pains. It cleans the lymphatic system. By fastening metabolism, it has and antitoxic effect and works against acids. It is an isotonic drink, it works off very fast and supplies the muscle with oxygen in the metabolic processes. Its natural components sustain the salt-water balance in our body.

Externally can be used for skin, head skin and as hair treatments. Birch sap nourishes skin, moisturises skin cells and assures pH balance. It heals wounds and skin problems such as acnee, psoriasis or eczema. It also can be used against hair loss, fatty hair or dandruff.