The training held by Swiss trainers for representatives of local communities participating in the project took place in Locodeni on the 26-27th of June. The two trainers are experts with considerable experience and knowledge. Jean-Michel Florin works for the Swiss Association for Biodynamical Agriculture and is the leader of the French Association for Biodynamical Agriculture, editor of the French periodical: Biodynamis and associate leader of Goetheanum’s agricultural department.

Raphael Stucki also works for the Swiss Association for Biodynamical Agriculture and is the leader of wild plant collection at Ceres Heilmittel AG Company in Switzerland.

During the two-day-training Raphael Stucki taught about points to be respected while wildcrafting in order to gather a good quality plant material to be used for preparing high quality products. He presented some medicinal plants used by Ceres Company as raw material for their products, as well as the steps they use to assure high quality end-products.

Jean-Michel Florin emphasized the importance of getting known the medicinal plants in their natural environment through engrossment in relations existing in the nature. He reviewed the principles of biodynamical agriculture, as well as some very simple methods to be applied within croft conditions. The latter were highly appreciated by participants. The practical activities organized by the two trainers aimed at getting know the medicinal plant and its environment, as well as understanding the importance of engrossment in nature. All these contribute to some properly wildcrafted, good quality medicinal plants as raw material for our products.

At the end of the course the trainers, the knowledge transmitted by them, as well as the spirit of the course were evaluated by the participants in a positive way. They all learned new information. The trainers stressed the enthusiasm and implication of the participants what could serve as a base of further efficient activities.

Opinion of the participants about the training:

“I was impressed by the accuracy and punctuality of the trainers and I felt that I still have to grow up to this beautiful nature.” (J. CS.)

“Now I understand why do we need to take notes about the newly acquired information on medicinal plants. The life connections turn out from the landscape. The presentation was very good, the theory and the practice interwove very well.” (SZ.K.J.)

“What I understood: quantity should not harm quality, since quality means future.” (T.Z.)