At the end of the winter the weaken organism might need the strengthening of its immune system. Here are a few medicinal plants that help getting through the illnesses:

Rose hip

Thanks to the fact that it contains a high concentration of L-ascorbic acid it is a good strengthen of the immune system and shows corroborative effect. It can be used in preventing contagious flue, as well as against snuffles and fever, as additional treatment in case of fatigue.


It strengthens the immune system, impedes inflammations, and can be used against viruses. The tea made of its flower strengthens the immunity system, but the jelly made of its berries is used in case of a chill, due to its sudorific effects. It contains flavonoids and has a significant effect against tumors.


Its root is not only a spice, but also known as medicinal plant: strengthens the immunity system, disinfects, it is efficacious against fever and has sudorific and diuretic effects. It is an important sourse of L-ascorbic acid, tempers infections and pains.