It have been organizing and leading the wild plant collection at Ceres Heilmittel AG corporation in Switzerland for 7 years. The Ceres has set the objective to unify all material and immaterial mechanisms of action of medicinal plants into one remedie. Meanwhile Ceres produces tinctures, dilutions and complex remedies from 60 medicinal plants through a self-developed, gentle process.

The respectful and grateful handle of plants does our heart good and offers the opportunity to get in touch with every individual plant.

I grew up in a rural region of Northeast Switzerland. Back then I loved to spend my time on the fields and in the gardens; it has always been inspiring and captivating me.
After having finished school, I learned to be a chemical laboratory assistant in order to understand more deeply the relations and processes of the world. But the daily lab work in air-conditioned rooms, far away from the nature and disconnected from the rotation of the seasons did not satisfy me, so I changed to gardening and landscaping. – Daily contact with ground and plants, physical labor, as well as the stronger and stronger enthusiasm for nature tempted me to learn more about plants, ecosystem and relationships to be found in nature. That is why I graduated as an environmental engineer that helped me contributing in researches on bio farm, compost and biogas, taking place in India and Indonesia.

The time spent in other cultures taught me a different view and approach to nature, environment and fellow people.
In the mean time I got married and I have two children. Thanks to them I look at the nature again “as a child”, what is one of the most valuable enrichment at the moment.

The more I set myself into the world of plants and nature, the more it fascinates me.



Cseke Árkosi Katalin


Ferenczi Lehel


Pakot Magdolna