There are some medicinal plants to be picked in winter. For instance, the mistletoe which lives on the branches of different host plants or the comfrey roots if the weather and the consistence of the soil (frozen or not) allows to be dug out.

Mistletoe (Viscum album)
We usually collect its leaves and the thin stems of 0,5 cm, without the fruits which is poisonous. Its medicinal effect depends on the type of the host tree. The most valuable is the one picked from apple trees, while the one from fir, birch or ash is of good quality, and the less useable is the one picked from linden, walnut tree, maple, stitch or poplar.

Mistletoe leaves (without berries) tea made through cold maceration is used for reducing blood pressure. It is often mixed with calming and cardiotonic plants against heartache caused by stress.

Comfrey root (Symphitum officinale)
It grows on riverbanks, sloughy fields and in diches.

It helps the recovery of wounds, leg ulcer, fractures, inflammations, rheumatism, sport injuries. Its puree is used on compresses for treating different wounds, its extraction is used as unguent, paste for treating bruises, swellings and bangs.(It cannot be used internally since it damages the liver.)

It is used in cosmetic industry as an ingredient of antiwrinkle, regenerating and tightening face creams.