In March began the knowledge handover on medical plants, their cultivation and processing among volunteer groups.  The knowledge taught by Ferenc Lehel, Cseke Árkosi Katalin, Pakot Magdolna trainers has been handed over to members of local communities interested in wildcrafting.

In Craciunel the knowledge acquired at the training was handed over by Benedek Enikő and Máthé Erika to the interested local people on the 12th of March, at 11 o’clock in the community center. There was quite a good turnout about the herb spiral.

Geréb Enikő-Hajnal held a presentation on the 14th of March in the community center of Mugeni about the main spring activities, acquired during the training.

In Mujna, Orbán Izabella held her presentation in the religion hall of the reformed church. The audience paid attention and took notes of the information heard.

On the 17th of March the group of Gáspár Hajnal, Kalapács Anna, Biró Enikő handed over their knowledge in Zetea.

On the 18th of March the presentation in Pauleni was very welcomed. The audience liked the presentation very much and they agreed to work together on the herb round and herb spiral in everyone’s garden.

Avramesti, the 29th of March – The audience participated in an active way in the presentation. They shared worthy information, good working experiences with each other.

On the 30th of March inhabitants of Taureni, interested in wildcrafting met in headquarter of Wolter Foundation. László Margit reported about the learning heard at the training.

On the 1st of April, local people from Ghipes and Rares received the learning of the former training from Cseke Enikő and Orbán Katalin. The participants liked the presentation a lot.

In Mujna, on the 31st of March, Orbán Izabella held a presentation for interested people and on the 13th of April wildcrafters met again:  “It was an interesting experience, more spectacular. We had the opportunity to try lot of new things. Plants and trees, your health needs these – we know the saying and now we could also try it. We prepared a fresh depurator salad from plants to be found in our gardens. So far we thought those are just weed and now we learned that plants such as speedwell, chickweed, creeping ivy, shepherd’s purse, blind nettle, violet and buttercup among others are edible and very tasty. You can believe it, we tried them! After the salad we have prepared violet sugar and learned how to make unguent or bath salt from medicinal plants.” – explained the event Karsai Kinga.

On the 29th of March, Benedek Enikő and Máthé Erika presented the learning of the second training in Craciunel. After the presentation they took a view to the bear’s garlic and the lungwort in the garden.

On the 24th of April the interested people had the opportunity to learn the curative effects of blue bugle, heath speedwell, ground-ivy and violet, presented in Locodeni. At the end of the presentation the herb garden was inaugurated with 13 herbs planted there.  The participants were looking interested at and tasted the young greens.