The refreshing drink made of elderflower is very tasty in the hot summer. Due to its beneficial effects it is very popular: it can be used effectively in case of tiredness, nerves, disorders of the digestive system, respiratory tract infections.

A simple recipe of elderflower refresher:

Make lemonade of 2 l of water. Steep 8-10 pc of elderflower into this lemonade for 2 days, then strain and cool it.

You can also make syrup of elderflower and use it to flavor ice-cream, creams or fillings. The flower itself can be add to different cakes, ice creams, sherbet, but it is also very tasty for a tea or sparkling wine.

The black elder is native to Europe and Asia, it is widely spread shrub in our region, member of the Caprifoliaceae family, growing to 6m tall. The several year old branches are grey color and papillate. Its long and composed leaflets are elliptic with serrated margins. It should not be confused with dwarf elder (Sambucus ebulus L.), which does not reach that height.

The umbellate flowers have a very pleasant scent, yellowish color and we pick together with a small part of the stem. If possible, pick the flowers of an elder tree that is located further from the traffic.

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