On 1st of July the volunteers of the Transylvanian Herb Garden from Odorhei and Cluj regions participated at the National Festival of NGOs organized in the Fogoly Street of Cluj-Napoca. The event was organized by the Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF), its motto was Civic Break and it had a medicinal plants and herbs show tent, where the newest products were presented and interactive workshops were held for the visitors interested in medicinal plants and herbs.

The tent was nicely decorated with lavender and coloured flower bouquets, so it easily attracted the attention of the people walking on the Potaissa street, many of them came closer to have a look at the herbal products, to participate in the herb-recognition contest or to prepare their own spicy salt.

The aim of these workshops was to draw attention to the importance of medicinal plants, their beneficial/health preserving properties.

The audience in Cluj have proven its interest towards these plants as more than 60 people were involved in the workshops.